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My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend

My Dad's Hot Girlfriend Blake RoseBlake Rose is chatting on the phone when Danny sees her and comes over to talk. Danny is finishing college and will be working for his father soon. His father is now dating Blake, and instead of spending quality time with Danny, he is gallivanting around with her. Danny explains to Blake that he needs her help getting a leg up in the family business. His grades aren’t great, so he needs all the help he can get. Together they can be a great team. Blake doesn’t understand what Danny means… until he starts kissing her neck. Seduction isn’t just for females it seems…

She’s got tits, she’s got ass, she’s the woman you’ve always wanted but could never have — she’s your dad’s hot girlfriend!!

Hardcore Interracial Anal

Blake Rose interracial analShe’s got blonde hair, big tits, long legs, and a sweet, sexy voice – you lovers of hardcore blondes are in for a treat today! She also most definitely came to fuck! “Hey Rico,” she says about 6 minutes in, “Come get this pussy!” For this 42 minute interracial anal, she pours out all the sweet sauce while she tempts and flirts, until he’s finally to feel that pussy from the inside after the 10 minute mark. For a scene that’s straight-up hardcore, Blake Rose sure made this special!

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